There is often an incorrect conception of what “leadership is”.

The word often evokes an image of authority and power being channeled towards a common goal. A finger is being pointed at workers, demanding that the delegated work is addressed. The words “create change” is aimlessly being used when describing the company’s objective, without little thought on how to create a resounding impact. Time is dedicated to creating an image that will appeal to the public, often shadowing their thirst for recognition over results.

A genuine thirst for change is not quenched, as a mere amount of time is dedicated to the project “behind the scenes”. A desire for recognition obscures the dedication a project requires. Large titles take precedence in the eyes of the world, but the dedication and time often do not.

People must realize that leadership involves motivating and inspiring people to follow them. It involves creating a positive atmosphere and mindset that will allow those who work with them to feel supported and motivated to create the results desired. Large titles do not attribute to one’s ability to “create change”, but rather the passion and motivation to initiate movements that will ripple into others.

Although larger roles do permit the access of more available resources, it does not solely constitute a person's ability to achieve results. Without genuine passion and interest, one’s status amounts to nothing.

The creators of Ralph Lauren fashion, Starbucks, Home Depot, and the Harry Potter series originated from humble beginnings. Yet, their hard work and genuine passion provided a resounding name for them.

Narendra Modi, Marina Silva, Benjamin Franklin, are a few of many inspirational leaders, who helped evolve society into what it is today, and did not allow their humble beginnings to define success.

Drive and passion are key elements that can mold even people from humble beginnings into prosperous and successful leaders of today.

The ability to be a leader is not restricted to people of any walks of lives  or status. It is a mindset that can be applied to every individual. The ability to motivate and inspire people through one’s passion and drive is a universally applicable concept. It does not require a title or even recognition to flatter it. It is a desire so pure, that it can exist as an isolated entity.

Taking the initiative and motivating others can be something as simple as cooking breakfast for your parents, which can encourage your friends or siblings to do something similar. It can involve walking your neighbor’s dog when they are at work, or doing the dishes when not requested. It is simple and genuine. Leadership loves as long as it involves taking the initiative out of goodwill and compassion, as opposed to awards and recognition.

It is something achievable at a small or large scale but is of equal repute and  value nevertheless. It is a mindset that can be applied to the merest of tasks and the largest of goals. When one’s work is authentic and genuine, without effort it can transpire into larger-scale operations, with more involvement, and larger results.